Gifty Things

From us to you, a gift guide!


We have many, many lovely things to choose from including:

– plants! monsteras, cacti, snake plants, marginatas
– bee’s wrap
– coffee (always)
– hot sauces – like Miss Jenny’s 7-Pot Scorn or Harvest Hillside Pineapple-Fresno
– Himalayan salt lamp; nightlight
– dog & cat toys and treats
– Terra Naturals scarves, bags, scrunchies (also on owner special for 20% off in December 2023!)
– baskets (always)
– gift cards (double always)

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions. Cheers!


Caribou Cream + Wild Country syrup (local) + specialty cheeses (many local options)

Pacha bath bombs, Good Light + Shy Wolf candles (Ontario)

Variety of non-sale chocolates + Fika coffee (local)

Pacha soaps, Wilder Workshop boards (local)

De Soi n/a apertifs, Co-op tumblers, non-sale teas, cocoa, beverage mixers + immunity boosting elixirs

Alpaca Arte socks + a HUGE variety of calendars (both staff faves)