Deli & Soups

Summer Soup Schedule

As of June 1 
Mon: Coconut Spinach Curry <GF, VG>
Tue: Beef Chili <GF, DF, contains meat>
Wed:  Chicken Dumpling <contains meat, wheat, and dairy>
Thu: Moroccan Stew < VE >
Fri: Clam Chowder <contains sea clams, wheat, and dairy>
Sat: Beef Chili <GF, DF, contains meat>
Sun:  Chicken Dumpling <contains meat, wheat, and dairy>

VG = Vegetarian
VE = Vegan
GF = Gluten Free
DF = Dairy Free

Please note that this is not a celiac-friendly kitchen, we do handle flour and other gluten-containing products very frequently! None of these products are certified gluten free.

Subject to change. If the soup of the day sells out, we definitely have more takeout options. Soup is sold by the pound.

Deli & Bakery

In addition to soup you will also find: Fresh baked goods, hot coffee and tea, cold salads, sandwiches and wraps, and some vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. The co-op is a full-service grocery store, so the aisles have a bounty of snacks and premade foods as well.

Feel free to take it to-go or stay and eat in out dining area (with free wifi).