Special Orders

Save 10%-20% off case prices

Order items that aren’t on our shelves, or larger quantities of items we carry. Most orders arrive within 7-10 days and we’ll let you know when yours arrives. Case sizes vary as do suggested retail prices and availability.

Visit the Deli page for our catering menu

Special order discounts
– Bulk – 20%
– Wellness – 20%
– Cooler – 20%
– Meat – 10%
– Cheese – 20%

Placing an Order
Contact Customer Service with the following information:
– Brand name preference –
– Product type
– Size/quantity – provide an estimate if you’re unsure or give us a call

– By email
– By phone: 218-387-2503

*Case discounts don’t apply to Co+op deals or basics items. 5% surcharge added to orders not picked up within 2 weeks.