Let’s grow something beautiful together.

By becoming an owner at Cook County Whole Foods Co-op, our community grows and thrives.  We give back to our community and back to the health of our planet. It’s easy to be a part of it: just sign up at the register! Everyone is welcome.

Financial Assistance Programs

When you’re trying to stretch your dollar a bit further.

Equity Facts

Want to see what your Co-op’s invested dollars are doing?

Bylaws & Articles of Incorporation

Wondering what exactly is a co-op, or just interested in the nuts and bolts of our cooperative structure?

Change of Address Form

Keep in touch, owners! Let us know if you’re moving.

Termination of Ownership Form

If you haven’t joined us in ownership of our Co-op already, we’d love to have you. And if you are an owner, we’re so glad to have you!

For more on ownership, contact info@cookcounty.coop.