Board of Directors

Committed to fresh food. Committed to the Co-op.

Being a Board Member is a great way to get involved in long range planning which shapes this vital community resource. There’s always lively conversation and healthy food at the monthly Board meetings. If you are someone who cares about our Co-op and its values and would like to play an integral role in its continued success,  we invite you to consider running this fall.



Contact the Board:

Jill Barber – President

Term expires 2022



Yusef Orest – Vice President

Term expires 2023



Don Grant – Treasurer

Term expires 2022



Libby Larson – Secretary

Term expires 2022



Jane Alexander

Term expires 2021



Alyssa Hedstrom

Term expires 2021


Erik Hahn

Term expires 2021


Let us be your sounding board.

Do you have questions, comments or suggestions for the Co-op’s Board of Directors? Send us an e-mail, leave a note, or come to a board meeting. Board meetings are typically the fourth Tuesday of each month (check our Events Page for times), and owners are always welcome. Notify the Board President in advance if you would like a topic to be added to the agenda.