Board of Directors

Board Member Roles & Duties

Being a Board Member is a great way to get involved in the planning that shapes this vital community resource. Our focus is:

– To ensure sound management of the co-op
– To act as trustees on behalf of the ownership
– To set long-range goals and plan for the future

You have a say in our governance. As an owner, you have a vote in our elections. Look for signs and emails annually in September.

Get in touch

Board meetings are typically the fourth Tuesday of each month and owners are always welcome. Notify the Board President in advance if you would like a topic to be added to the agenda.

Contact us if you would like to see meeting minutes or have questions or suggestions for the Co-op’s Board of Directors.



Yusef Orest – President
Term expires 2023



Alyssa Hedstrom – ViceĀ President
Term expires 2024


Erik Hahn – Treasurer
Term expires 2024



Jill BarberĀ 
Term expires 2022



Don Grant
Term expires 2022



jaye white coop boardJaye White
Term expires 2024