About Us

Cooperative principles since 1976.

The Cook County Whole Foods Co-op is a community-owned, local grocery store. We have 35+ fantastic team members, a lot of fun, and owners from Cook County and beyond. Everyone is welcome to shop with us and we offer financial assistance to those in need.


Our products

Every item is evaluated by a real human before it goes on our shelves. We support local growers and favor organic and environmentally friendly practices whenever possible. We strive to sell minimally processed, additive-free, and organically grown foods. Learn more about our product policy.

Local producers

We work closely with local producers whenever possible. We vet partners through the lens of our product policy and trusted third-party verification boards while paying the fairest prices for their goods and services. See our list of local producers.

Community support

The Co-op gives back to the community in a number of ways. We provide scholarships to local producers and individual and families in need, and also donate tens of thousands of dollars to local organizations who are making Cook County a better place to live for everyone.

Team wellbeing

We value our team members and their commitment to good food and customer service. Everyone is eligible for profit-sharing, healthcare, a simple IRA and paid time off. Fair compensation is essential to our community and employee health.

Resources & Bylaws 

Amended & Restated Cook County Whole Foods_Bylaws

Financial Assistance Programs

Newsletter & Annual Report archives

Our History 

The Cook County Co-op found its origins in the 1960s at a farmhouse called Castle Yonder, located in the Good Harbor Hill neighborhood just west of Grand Marais.

Back then, a few families and neighbors would trade visits to the Twin Cities to buy bulk beans, rice and tubs of peanut butter.

In 1976 we were an incorporated co-op with a storefront on the east end of town.

Our Ends Statement

Our Ends are the results of our practices. Success for the Co-op means achieving these outcomes.

  1. A successful grocery rooted in the Cooperative Principles.
  2. A trusted source for affordable, healthy, local and sustainable products and services for all.
  3. A leader in environmentally sustainable practices.
  4. A source of employment that provides meaningful work and fair compensation.
  5. A welcoming and friendly gathering place where the community has a sense of belonging.