Spring Greetings from Erik, our Board President

Spring has not so much sprung as gone “sproing,” but your co-op is thriving, and the board of directors is working to ensure that it continues to do so, no matter what the weather. The current board of directors is fresh and strongly committed, and we want to thank you for trusting us to represent you and your interests. We do this by carefully monitoring financial reports, hiring and overseeing the general manager, and keeping a close eye on progress toward our Ends. The Ends are the policies that make each co-op unique to the values of its owners and are aspirational in nature. Our ends policies read as follows…

As a result of all that the Cook County Whole Foods Co-op does, we will be:
1. A successful grocery rooted in the Cooperative Principles;
2. A trusted source for affordable, healthy, local and sustainable products and services for all;
3. A leader in environmentally sustainable practices;
4. A source of employment that provides meaningful work and fair compensation;
5. A welcoming and friendly gathering place where the community has a sense of belonging.

Do these ring true to you? Do you feel the Ends are reflected in your day-to -day experiences in the store? Are we falling down anywhere? Then let us know! The board welcomes your feedback, and we take your comments to heart. And we are always looking for the next leaders among you to help guide the coo-op into the future!

Erik Hahn, Board President

coop board of directors

Front, L-R: Amanda Weberg, Elunia Steckelberg, Kathy McClure, Libby Larson, Rocio Rivas.
Back, L-R: Erik Hahn, Neil Pederson.