2022 Co-op Board Election

Owners – Ballots will be in the mail soon and we will also have them available at the Co-op.

How to Vote
Download a Co-op board election ballot or bring in the one you receive by mail
– In-person at the Co-op by 3pm on Nov 9, 2022
– Mail to: PO Box 813, Grand Marais, MN 55604 – must be received by 3pm on Nov 9, 2022
– Bring your ballot to the Annual Meeting by 5:15pm

Our Candidates

Amanda Weberg – Candidatecoop-amanda-weberg-headshot

Hi Friends! Our Co-op is a leader in sustainable business practices, a vital place of connection, and a trusted source of nutrition in our community. I would like to serve on the Board of Directors to continue to lead the way in sustainable practices while remaining true to each of the Co-op’s end goals.

I am enthusiastic to support our manager in ways most beneficial for the Co-op as a whole. I would enjoy assisting the Co-op’s role as a successful, trusted, affordable, welcoming for all, and as being a leader in environmental sustainability in the community
My education and work experience with natural resources and conservation has led me to live a low carbon footprint lifestyle. This understanding of how to reduce waste and energy usage within a household has given me the courage to advocate in more impactful ways. With this courage I believe it is the right time for me to serve on the Co-op’s Board of Directors to continue to evolve to meet the needs of our community.

Kathy McClure- Candidate kathy-mcclure-headshot

I am running for a seat on the Co-op board of directors because I want to ensure the co-op is committed to both economic and environmental sustainability.

I have been involved with food co-ops ever since volunteering in the 1970’s. I have long been intrigued by the idea of running a successful business with slim margins while retaining an owner-run mentality of healthy, sustainable foods and a non-biased, inclusive community.

How lucky we are to have a place to shop where we don’t have to scrutinize labels and worry about the politics of huge corporations. Because profits always push companies towards manipulating customers’ addictions and taking quality shortcuts at the expense of long-term concerns like climate change and use of plastics.

I would find it interesting to collaborate and develop strategies to ensure the co-op remains successful and yet continues to be in the forefront of a healthy future for all of us.

I’ve run my own successful chiropractic business for forty years and hope to bring my passion, imagination, listening skills and knowledge of healthy foods to the board to help represent the co-op owners’ concerns and needs.

libby larson coop boardLibby Larson – Incumbent

During my first term on the Co-op Board of Directors, I have valued the opportunity to serve our Owners while working with and learning from a talented and dedicated team. I apply my skills as a listener as I strive to offer a thoughtful perspective during board discussions and as a writer to accurately capture board decisions in my current role as Secretary.

The last three years have been filled with both challenge and opportunity, as the Co-op weathered the early uncertainty of COVID-19 and responded to its continued impacts, navigated Hwy 61 construction, and welcomed a new General Manager. I would like to serve in a second term on the Board because I value the Co-op as a vital resource in our community and would be excited to lend my support as it continues to navigate the possibilities ahead.

My vision for the Co-op is that it continues to serve as a welcoming community resource for healthy and delicious food, a supporter of local growers, and a leader in sustainable practices.