Similasan Homeopathic Eye Drops Recall

Product Recall Notice

Recall #: 101084

Date of Issue: 10-18-23

Subject: Similasan homeopathic eye drops recall

Brand: Similasan

Affected UPCs: 094841300542, 094841300146, 094841300245, 094841300634,
094841300160, 094841300269, 094841300351, 094841300368, 094841300344,
094841300603, 094841300474, 094841300139, 094841300238

Description: Eye drop/eye relief

Lot Number: All

Summary: Similasan has issued a voluntary recall of its homeopathic eye drops
due to concerns drafted by the FDA regarding of one of the preservatives used in
their manufacture, silver sulfate.

This voluntary recall from the manufacturer impacts multiple UPCs of their
homeopathic eye drop line. To their knowledge, they have “experienced zero cases
of adverse events linked to the use of silver sulfate as a preservative.” However,
please refer to their website for additional information regarding the recall.

Cook County Co-op has sold the affected UPCs in the past 180 days. Recalled
product was removed from shelves and back stock and per the recall has been
destroyed. If you purchased these products, it is recommended by the manufacturer
to discontinue use and discard it.

Cook County Coop is happy to provide owners and customers affected by this recall
with a refund should they request one. Please stop by the customer service desk or
any cashier for issuance. Receipt or affected UPC for product lookup required for a
refund. Please refer to the above list of UPCs to verify if a product you may have
purchased was affected.