Leadership Changes at the Co-op

The past year has been a season of change.  In the spirit of embracing this trend, the Board of Directors (“Board”) would like to share an update on upcoming leadership changes at Cook County Whole Foods Co-op.

General Manager

Jennifer Stoltz has decided to step down as General Manager by the end of 2021. Jennifer is no stranger to change. During her 11-year tenure, she not only managed a successful store expansion, but guided us through a global pandemic as well. The Board is grateful for her steady leadership and we truly appreciate her continued support through the upcoming transition.

We are equally grateful that the timing of Jennifer’s notice allows ample time for us to conduct a thoughtful and comprehensive search for a new GM. The Board plans to engage a consultant in the coming weeks to guide us through the hiring process. We will consider both internal and external candidates to ensure we find the best fit for our store and community.

Board of Directors

Lorrie Oswald, President, has resigned as a director for personal reasons effective immediately. After over 5 years of board service, Lorrie’s tireless dedication to and passion for Cook County Whole Foods Co-op’s Ends will be sorely missed. Board VP, Jill Barber, will step up as President for the remainder of the year.

The Board fully supports both Jennifer and Lorrie as they prepare to focus more fully on their personal lives in the near future. We invite all of you to extend your well-wishes when you see them in the store or around town.

We also want to express our deep appreciation to all Cook County Whole Foods Co-op staff, owners and shoppers for your continued loyalty. Our Co-op has survived and often thrived through times of change because of you. Without community, there would be no Co-op.

If you have questions about this announcement, feel free to reach out to us at board@cookcounty.coop.