Co-op Roundup Fiscal Year 2023: $31K+

cook county co-op roundup donations We sincerely appreciate your generosity at checkout! The Co-op is merely the collector – all roundup funds are a result of customer giving so we absolutely could not do this without you.

We have folks that round up a few cents, some who do $20-$100, and some who take a pass. All are perfectly fine. We never want anyone to feel pressured, but we will continue to ask since so many are so generous.


Our Cook County partner organizations

Care Partners of Cook County
Cook County Schools Emergency Snack Fund (all 4 schools)
Cook County PRIDE
Empty Bowls
Grand Marais Food Shelf
Go Dog North Shore
Grand Portage Rendezvous Days
Hamilton Habitat
North Shore Health Care Foundation
WISE North

Interested in applying for your non-profit 501(c)3? Visit our community page for our donation application.


How it works

For any monthly roundup, 100% of the proceeds go to the organization. You can round up to the nearest dollar (its namesake), or you can round up more. That can be an extra dollar all the way up to $100 per purchase. If you’d like to make a donation larger than $100, you can visit the organization’s website.

Co-op Giving Values
  • Our focus is local – Cook County, MN
  • We prioritize community-led solutions and direct service
  • Equity is at the heart of everything we do
  • Partnerships allow all of us to do more with less
Co-op Donation Parameters
  • Located or operating physically in Cook County
  • Address our primary focus areas
  • 501(c)(3) status or associated with supporting public education
  • Non-sectarian (non-religious and non-partisan)
  • Round-up recipients must meet all our donation requirements, plus be dedicated to an acute community need or marginalized community.