Buying in Bulk 101

coop rolled oats in bulk
Buying in bulk eliminates pricey and wasteful packaging, keeps prices low, and gives you the option of buying exactly the amount you need.

We are making efforts to move away from plastic packaging that can be replaced with either recyclable or reusable options. By moving away from the plastic bags, we are reducing plastic bag consumption by 5000+ bags a week!

Why paper bags?
– Reusable containers and recyclable bags help make bulk a very low waste department
– We’re working to find the best paper bags and appreciate your patience during the testing process
– Stay tuned for incentives on containers brought from home
– Please know you’re more than welcome to bring your own plastic bags

BYOC – bring your own container
– Bring in your own container or bag(s)
– Weigh your container and write it on a sticker⁠
– Write your item/bin # on a sticker⁠

Don’t hesitate to reach out or ask us if you need any help.