Good Harbor Hill Scholarship

Pay $12 toward your ownership, and we’ll cover the rest.

With the Good Harbor Hill (GHH) Scholarship, you can become an owner in a manner you can afford today.

Full ownership is $120. It can be paid in 10 quarterly payments of $12 dollars, however, we recognize that isn’t feasible for everyone so we offer financial assistance on an annual basis.

Recipients remain anonymous except for the few staff members needed to process the application. If you qualify, you will be automatically enrolled to receive the Good Harbor Hill Discount. The GHH Coupon is a 10% discount on your shopping visits, excluding certain items.

Good Harbor Hill Scholarship Application

How to apply:

1. Apply for ownership at our Co-op. This must be done in-person.

2. Complete the form below or fill out an application at the Co-op.

3. Make a minimum of one $12 payment.

4. Re-apply annually.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Scholarship owners who choose to terminate ownership will receive a refund equal to their individual investment.

Scholarship equity from terminated ownerships returns to Cook County Whole Foods Co-op and is not transferable.