Board of Directors Election Results

Welcome New Board Members!

Erik Hahn —
I am seeking a position on the CCWFC board because I believe the Co-op is at an especially exciting time in its life cycle. The co-op is amazingly successful, especially given the size of the store and the size of our community. It is time for the board to re-engage with owners as we hire a new general manager and build on our past successes. I believe the most important role of a board member is ensure the co-op’s continued growth and success and to ensure that we continue to move toward meeting the values and expectations of the owners we represent. These values and expectations are spelled out in our Ends Statements. Chief among these is the continued financial success of our cooperative grocery, but the co-op is now so successful that we are in an enviable position to make significant growth in meeting our other Ends. I envision a time of exciting opportunities for furthering the values of our owners while maintaining and improving upon the financial successes of recent years. We have never been at a better time to improve the quality of life for our staff, owners, and community while staying true to our core of healthy, organic, food produced as locally as possible. We can now afford to be the best environmental stewards we can be. We can find ways to bring these products and services to underserved members of our community and to be a safe and welcoming space for all.
I believe my past years of experience on the board at CCWFC and at Whole Foods Coop in Duluth make me an ideal candidate. I believe my work as a teacher and professional writer have given me the skills to effectively communicate with and listen to owners, fellow board members, and general manager.

Alyssa Hedstrom —
I would like to continue serving on the board to support the hiring process of the general manager, and the continued evolution of the Co-op in our community.
I will continue to attend board meetings and serve on sub-committees as needed, while being a listening ear for the community.
The most important role currently is to hire a new general manager and then support and follow through with that hire to see that the Co-op continues to thrive. The board holds both a supportive role and a quality assurance role, ensuring the Co-op continues to operate at its high standards and reaches its Ends.
My vision is to support the process of hiring a new general manager and then support the transition from current GM to new GM. I am committed to the overall wellbeing of the Co-op; I want our Co-op to continue to support our community along with continuing to grow into its place as a leader in the community.
I am a business owner and longtime community member; I have served on the board in the past and understand policy governance. I have a long-term understanding of the Co-op and its role in our community, along with how it can evolve to meet the needs of our community in the future.

Jaye White —
My name is Jaye White and I would like to serve on the Cook County Whole Foods Co-op Board of Directors because I love the Co-op and the community surrounding it, and want to become a more active and engaged member. I have been a member of the Co-op since moving back to the area in 2014. I am someone who likes to eat healthy and practice alternative wellness so the Co-op has been a valuable asset for me and my family, and I hope to help it move into the future and continue to be the valuable community asset it has become.
I will likely be able to commit at least 10-15 hours per month to BOD activities. My schedule is busy but very flexible and I have a supportive employer who understands and encourages community engagement so I am happy to dedicate the time needed to be an active member of the BOD.
I feel the most important role of the BOD is to ensure the direction the Cook County Whole Foods Co-op goes in will benefit the members and community the most. Ensuring that the Co-op stays true to its purpose and goals in order to benefit members, employees, and the community. In other boards I serve on I especially love the process of visualizing the future of the organization and found this process to be very important. Creative visualization and implementation is a strength of mine and I always aim to bring that with me to any board I sit on.
Visualizing the future is challenging these days. It’s still unknown how much longer we will be in “pandemic mode” and what the long term results will be from the pandemic in regards to how community spaces and organizations function. However, I feel the pandemic has also opened up opportunities to reach people in new and innovative ways. Expanding social media reach, online ordering, and utilizing technology to make interactions easier and more efficient regardless of where you are in this world. Technology has opened up more of the world to many who had to learn to interact and communicate in a socially distant world. I do see this continuing beyond 2021 and becoming an important element in society going forward. I visualize how the Cook County Whole Foods Co-op can harness these opportunities and grow the organizational reach, hopefully reaching new potential members in areas of the county like the Gunflint Trail, Arrowhead Trail, Grand Portage, and even Lake County.
I feel I can best support the Cook County Whole Foods Co-op Board of Directors through my knowledge and experience with digital technology and social media. I have the ability to assist with technology-related projects like photos, videos, website development, SEO, and other innovations. With social media I would love to assist the Co-op in reaching a wide variety of owners and potential members through multiple social media platforms.