Run for the Board of Directors

July 2020

Dear Co-op Owner,
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Co-op Board Member. No experience is
necessary. All we ask is that you have a passion for learning about the co-op and its
values, and commit to playing an integral role in its continued success. We welcome
diverse backgrounds and knowledge and hope that fresh faces and ideas continue to come
to the Board. This year there will be two seats up for election.

Being a Board Member is a great way to get involved in long range planning which
shapes this vital community resource. There’s always lively conversation and healthy
food at the monthly Board meetings. Board Members receive a monthly $50.00 store
credit; Board Officers slightly more.

The Co-op will be holding elections for the Board of Directors prior to the annual
meeting on October 27, 2020. The election results will be announced at the meeting. In
order to include information about prospective candidates in the fall newsletter we will
need to receive a completed copy of the Declaration of Candidacy included in this packet
before September 1, 2020. Feel free to call Lorrie Oswald or Don Grant with any

Thank you,

Cook County Whole Foods Co-op Board of Directors
Lorrie Oswald, Don Grant, Nick Vavrichek, Yusef Orest,
Libby Larson, Jill Barber and Jane Alexander
Lorrie 920/737-1190 • Don 218/370-9998