Good Harbor Hill Scholarship Application

Ownership made possible for everyone.

The Cook County Whole Foods Co-op was born on a homestead named, Castle Yonder, just outside of Grand Marais, MN in the late 1960s. Several families in the Good Harbor Hill neighborhood were looking for a simple life on the land. This lifestyle included healthy, inexpensive foods. True to our roots, Cook County Whole Foods Co-op still celebrates these values. That’s why we now off er The Good Harbor Hill Scholarship to owners old and new alike.

To become an owner at the Cook County Whole Foods Co-op, everyone must pay the one-time cost of $120. It can be paid in 10 quarterly payments of $12 dollars, but this might seem out of reach for some. We understand, and the Good Harbor Hill Scholarship is our response. Choose below how much you think you need to make that $120 payment possible. With the GHH Scholarship, you can become an owner in a manner you can afford today.

How to apply:

1. Make the minimum equity payment. To qualify for the GHH Scholarship, you must apply for ownership at our Co-op (if you aren’t already an owner), and make a minimum of two, $12 quarterly payments (or a single payment of $24). Ownership benefits start with the first $12 equity payment.

2. Complete this form and return it to the Co-op.

3. We will contact you directly after we process your application. Recipients remain anonymous, except for the minimal staff needed to process your information.

4. If you qualify, you will be automatically enrolled to receive the Good Harbor Hill Coupon. The GHH Coupon is an additional $5 coupon, every quarter, when you spend $25 or more in one shopping visit. Combined with the standard, quarterly $5 coupon all owners receive, that’s a potential savings of $40 a year.

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Owners with scholarship equity who choose to terminate ownership will receive a refund, pursuant to Co-op bylaws, equal to their individual investment. Scholarship equity from terminated ownerships returns to Cook County Whole Foods Co-op and is not transferable.