Co-op Staff

No bad seeds in this bunch.

With 30 staff members, we don’t have room to picture everyone, but here are the folks from each department who can be reached for questions or assistance. Call 218.387.2503 to ask for one of us.

jennifer-stoltz-2015General Manager: Jennifer Stoltz

andrew-2015Customer Service Manager: Andrew Ashcroft

michael-2016Grocery Manager: Michael Garry

jeri-2016Produce Manager: Jeri Person

Deli Manager: Adam Mella

kim-in-the-canyon-square-2016Wellness Coordinator: Kim Falter

Kim’s Wellness Blog

ray-ray-2016Cooler Buyer: Ray White

pat-2016Meat Buyer: Pat Hennessy

matt-2016Bulk Buyer & Receiving Coordinator: Matt McIntyre

lesly-2016Cheese Buyer: Leslie Pedersen

Marketing & Education Coordinator: Becky Rayman

Bookkeeping Coordinator: Marietta Berneking

POS/IT Coordinator: Susan Shelley